Dissertation Supervised

14/IEC/003 ANKUR SINGH ISR Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/IEC/017 GAURAV GOSWAMI ISR Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/IEC/021 HIMANSHU CHOUDHARY ISR Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/IEC/024 JULIE ELIZA THOMAS ISR Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/IEC/047 SANKET ISR Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/ICS/052 SIDHARTH MEHRA ISR Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/ICS/071 VISHAL MEHTA SE Dr Arun Solanki 2019
17/PIT/012 Shashi Nandan Kumar CS Dr Arun Solanki 2019
14/ICS/033 PANKAJ SE Dr Arun Solanki 2019
17/PIT/015 Tarana Singh CS Dr Arun Solanki 2019


1. 2018 Music instrument recognition using deep convolution neural network Sachin Kumar Pandy
2. 2018 A path roting algorithm for moving physical bodies using genetic algorithm and physics engine Rahul Kumar
3. 2018 Minimum Spanning tree using algglomerative clustering Sarthak Garg
4. 2018 Valgrind memcheck integration with garbage collector using virtual machines Varun garg
5. 2018 Text Classification Using self structured extended Multinomial Naïve bayes Rajat Saxena
6. 2018 Movie Recommender system using K-Means clustering and K- Nearest Neighbor Rishabh Ahuja
7. 2018 A Novel Approach for movie reviews summarization using deep learning and textrank algorith Vikas Dixit
8. 2017 Sentimental Knowledge Discovery In Twitter Using CoreNLP Library Navjot Kaur
9. 2017 Resource Utilization And Delay Minimization For Multi-Hop Cellular Network Using Overlap Sensor Network Suprit Kumar Sudhanshu
10. 2017






Human Age Classification Using Facial Aging Feature And KNN Classifier Vaishnawi
11. 2017





A System To Transform Natural Language Queries Into Sql Queries Ashutosh Kumar
12. 2017 An Improved Algorithm For Numerical And Categorical Data Aseem Chaudhary
13. 2017 Optimization Of Code Distribution In Agile Development With Jenkins Akshansh
14. 2017 Twitter Sentiment Classification Using SVM-kNN Hybrid Classifier Anupam Mishra
15. 2016 Performance Enhancement  Of Mapreduce C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithm Using Cuckoo Search Akshay Akharia
16. 2016





Rule Mining Of Social Sites Data Using PCA And Floyd Warshall Technique Shruti Bansal
17. 2016





Minimization Of Mean Square Error For Improved Euler Based Elleptic Curve Secure Hash Cryptography For Textual Data Ekta Mehta
18. 2016





Enhancing Image Quality With Colors In Visual Cryptography Mr. Hemant Kumar
19. 2016





A Page Ranking Algorithm Based On Outbound Links Of A Page Shivam Nagar
20. 2016 Image Processing Using Histogram Of Orieneted Gradient Algo Kavish Saroha
21. 2016 Centroid Calculation And Slope Method For Finger Detection In Palm Gesture Recognition





Prateek Garg
22. 2016 An Enhanced Path Finding Algo For Solving Maze Images Using Image Processing Techniques





Mayur Singh Tomar
23. 2016 An Efficient Algo For Color Image Segmentation Neha
24. 2016 Performance Testing On Web Application By Using HP Load Runner With Parameterization And Customization Jatin Aggarwal
25. 2016 Legal Document Clustering Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization And Feature Extraction Technique Manvender Janmaijaya
26. 2016 Sentimental Analysis Of Twitter Data Using Logistic Regression And EFWS Technique Ms. Harsita Pandey
27. 2016 Sentimental Analysis Of Twitter Data Using Lexical And Machine Learning Approach Rahul Rajput
28. 2016 An Algorithm To Transform Natural Language Into SQL Queries For Relational Databases Garima Singh
29. 2016 Strengthening  Of  Mac Layer Security To Prevent Jamming Attacks In Wireless Lans Ayush Sharma
30. 2016 A Deep Web Search Engine  For Deep Web Pages Jyoti Singh
31. 2016 Image Encryption Using Two Dimensional Modified Sine Logistic Map Punit Kumar
32. 2016 An Improved Data Clustering Algorithm For Outlier Detection Anant Aggarwal
33. 2015 A Classification Based Target Specific Expert System For Cotton Crop Mr. Vandit Rastogi





34. 2015 An Improved Vision Algorithm For Deep Web Data Extraction Ms. Rashmi
35. 2015 A Hybrid Approach For Test Path Generation And Prioritization Using Depth First Search And Tabu Search Algorithm Ms. Pankhuri Jain






36. 2015 A Hybrid Page Rank Algorithm For Web Pages Abhishek Sharma
37. 2015 Hybrid Frame Work To Remove The Risks Involved In Functional Requirement For Component Selection From Component Repository Deepak Kumar
38. 2015 An Ontology Based Learnable Focused Hybrid Latent Semantic Indexing Pravendra Kumar
39. 2015 A Hybrid Algorithm For Detection Of Duplicate Documents Ashish Kumar
40. 2015 An Improved  GA On Mapreduce Framework Using Hadoop Cluster For DNA Sequencing Jaideep Singh
41. 2015 Code Clone Detection System Barkha
42. 2014 Cryptographic Key Generation Using Genetic Algorithm And Artificial Bee Colony Mr. Nitin Kumar
43. 2014 Spam Filtering System Ms. Rini Gupta
44. 2014 Knowledge Based User Authentication Using Graphical Image Technique Kushal Agarwal
45. 2014 A New Ranking Strategy For Deep Web Pages Using Context Of Documents Shakti Swaroopa
46. 2014 Design And Development Of Semantic Web Search Engine Using Keyword Matching Technique Avlesh Kumar
47. 2014 An Improved Algorithm For Question Answering System Rajat
48. 2014 Software Reusability Estimation For Aspect-Oriented System Using Soft Computing Technique Vandana Gautam
49. 2014 A Hybrid Approach For Context Based Indexing In Search Engines Shraddha
50. 2014 An Improved Algorithm For Tamil Character Recognition Using Neural Network Vipin Kumar
51. 2013 Dynamic Knowledge Acquisition Technique For Online Fuzzy Diseases Diagnosis Expert System Ms. Amrita Singh





52. 2013 An Online Fuzzy Expert System Using Rule Advancement Strategy For Specific Domain Abhishek Goel
53. 2013 Design  And Development Of A REST Based Web Services Platform For Application Integrations On Cloud Sunil Sharma
54. 2013 Retrieval And Clustering Of Web Documents For Serach Engine Using Fuzzy Technique Deepak Bansal
55. 2012





Knowledge Management Platform Based Fuzzy Expert System Rahul Kumar